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The possibilities when working with subdomains

1) Creating subdomains such as http: // your_directory / subdomain (automated)

2) Create a third-level subdomains such as http: // (automated provided forwarding nonexistent subdomains hosted on the main subdomain)

3) The ability to create a fully functional website domain 2 levels, based on the designer by forwarding through mod_rewrite or parsinag the type http: //

Features at work with a template selected subdomain.

1) Select the background color for the site, select and download images as a background site

2) Choice of color caps for the site selection and download images as the background cap site, a text editor banner.

3) Select the color of the top and left menus and links, gradient, editing links and menu blocks visually.

4) Create an unlimited number of directories, subdirectories, and so on. unlimited number of articles with commentaries. To edit using a text editor.

5) Addition of files based on independent Designer (file parsing, grabbers or other functional modifications)

6) To edit the domain and client template from admin panel

7) Fixed previously identified shortcomings of previous versions.

SAMPLE on the site

In order to view the site builder in action, you need to register on the site and login account using the specified user registration Login

Advanced Features

1) The ability to select a theme. Now, the customer can choose the topic of the proposed one-click. In the basic version of the extension, there are 4 threads. You can also order an additional topic. Catalog Administrator can also create a theme by connecting the CSS and Javascript files. Instructions for the creation of threads available in the installation script.

2) Creating a personal design or theme for the company. Catalog Administrator can create your own design for each counterparty based on the designer. The principle of creating individual design similar to the principle of creating themes.

3) Now you can display information on the home page

09.04.2015 8:34:39
Благодарю за конструктор! Нужна помощь в установке.
05.03.2015 14:32:12
Хороший скрипт. Автору спасибо за установку.
21.10.2014 9:24:10
Хороший продукт. давно планировал взять. Спасибо автору!
23.05.2014 15:31:56
Конструктор работает, спасибо автору за помощь в установке.