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Do you have your own Telegram channels, groups or bots that you need to tell everyone, but don’t know where to do it?

The book will solve this problem by 99%.

After reading the book, you will learn dozens of ideas ways to advertise your resources.

The pages of the book tells about the places where you can advertise your channels, bots and groups.

This is an unusual book, and a lively publication that periodically changes, is supplemented and changes.

You have access to an inexhaustible source of ideas for advertising not only resources in Telegram, but also for advertising any other goods and services.
Immediately after payment you get access to a private channel for downloading the book.

Format: PDF
Pages: 73
The author: Anatoly Vivdenko

In the channel you will always be available for download the latest version of the book "100 ideas of ways to advertise Telegram channels."

P.S. You will also get access to a private group to chat with other readers of the book.
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