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Materials for training Internet marketing. SMM. SEO. Promotion of business on the Internet.

Only practical knowledge.
Based on the squeeze of real courses that are relevant for 2019.

+ Internet Marketing Guide
+ Instagram account development and advertising
+ Great SEO Guide
+ Checklists, recommendations, services

After payment you will be available for download archive, without a password, containing 16 PDF files.
Detailed list of materials:

01. Checklists. Useful recommendations. Services.

7 photo editors to help SMM-specialist.
9 tools for working with text.
11 online resources for creating infographics.
30 life hacking to increase productivity.
100 SEO chips for website promotion in search.
200 selling titles and 4U compilation method.
Facebook advertising check.
Mobile First indexing site.
Landing readiness for sales.
How to make a commercial offer.
Check offer.
Testing a business niche.

02. Comprehensive guide to internet marketing. PDF. 64 pages

Analysis of the target audience.
Competitor analysis.
Work with CRM.
Principles of search engines.
Semantic core.
Basics of internal site optimization.
Basics of external site optimization.
Targeting advertising.
Email marketing.
Algorithm for creating a site from scratch.

03. Instagram account development. PDF. 26 pages

04. Customize advertising on Instagram. PDF. 57 pages

05. A great guide to search engine optimization (SEO) PDF. 94 pages

Dictionary of basic concepts.
Search engine optimization strategies.
Semantic core.
Internal Optimization.
Commercial factors.
Behavioral factors.
External optimization.
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