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Supported languages: Russian, English
Release date: February 22, 2019


In a world abandoned by the gods even during creation, people are threatened by a dark faction. The villains dream of taking over the ancient technologies, and only the freelancers can stop them.
Play in a team of two to four people and collect high-tech handmade armored suits with unique capabilities. Explore the endless ruins, defeat the most dangerous enemies and get unprecedented artifacts. Your strength and capabilities of your javelina will increase with each mission. Challenge the dangers of a changeable world. As one stand up to fight evil. Win together!

05.08.2019 13:37:49
"Хочу подарок"
03.07.2019 17:26:44
Пришло мгновенно

Хочу подарок
02.05.2019 19:08:35
Ключ отобразился моментально, активировал без проблем)рекомендую
01.05.2019 18:52:02
Отличная скорость! Спасибо большое!
04.03.2019 12:33:15
Хороший продавец.Хочу подарок