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!!!! MOST EXTENSIVE COLLECTION !!!!! books, articles, etc. on the most important topic of our time - art and technology sales and sales management, work planning, marketing strategies and tactics.

Trainings of sales. Instructions and a plan for the corporate training.

Now you do not need to look for it all on the shelves of bookstores and on the Internet.

Take! Remain davolno!
Here, everything that is necessary and beginners and professionals.

The collection includes my other lots

The real value of all the materials min. ~ 10 thousand.

3 WMZ - it's just ridiculous price for this collection.

If you work in sales, and you do not have such a collection, or you can not spend on these things paltry $ 3 - you may not be properly chosen his profession.

I apologize for being rude, but it's - So!

ATTENTION !!!! Archive size - 23 Mb.

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