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Alexey Pakhno is the head of the ADR Laboratory;
Victor Shock - Associate Professor of the Transport Academy (Germany, Bavaria).

How to determine if cargo is dangerous or not? Which shipping documents must be transported? How can I equip a vehicle carrying a dangerous cargo? All of these and many other questions are answered by the authors of the book - actively practicing specialists with a long record of work. After reading it, you will find out what requirements are imposed for the carriage of dangerous goods, both in domestic and international traffic. The regulatory legal regulation, the classification of dangerous goods, the transport documents, the marking of packages and vehicles, the rights and obligations of the participants in transportations, as well as issues of transportation and actions in the event of an accident or incident in the transport of dangerous goods were considered in detail.

The book is addressed to drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, but it will be useful to road transport specialists, police officers, teachers, as it summarizes the vast practical experience of its authors.

Russian language
Format: PDF.
Relevance: ADR 2015
Number of Pages: 301
09.04.2019 8:26:06
Очень долго искал книгу, хорошо что у вас есть она )))