Content: Тест 02-COM-TEST Навыки эффективного общения. совещания, презентации, переговоры, деловая переписка (26.40 KB)
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In what style is the letter written, in which the steady circulations of written speech are used, there are few adjectives describing the quality, a lot of information about the facts and actions? - 1/1
Questions suggesting concretize their position, their attitude, suggesting an unambiguous, monosyllabic answer, refer to - 1/1
The basic rules for criticizing the proposals of the meeting participants are: - 1/1
What strategy was implemented in the negotiations if each of the parties achieved acceptance by the other party of its position by 80%? - 1/1
Which of the following can lead to the conclusion that the meeting is effective? - 1/1
What should be the sequence of actions of the initiator of the meeting so that the meeting is effective? Arrange in the right order the following steps - 0/1
The most successful time for presentations to people of rational mindset, who are accustomed to think logically, with reliance on facts and accurate data (two correct answers): - 1/1
Conducting a commercial presentation involves the implementation of several tasks. Select all relevant tasks. - 1/1
The formula of the rule that helps to get the attention of the audience "20 - 6 - 3" means: - 1/1
What of the list below is NOT a hindrance to the meeting - 0 /
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