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Trilogy "Hack Zone" in one file. Books "Hacker", "New Dawn", "Time to take off the mask."

 Trilogy "Hack Zone" opens a new era of "stalker" books. Written strictly according to the canons, books cycle bring something new in the usual and familiar for the legendary games of the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation, without distorting it.
The standard arsenal stalker added electronic gadgets and tracking tools, and war for radioactive land is now conducted not only among the anomalies, but in cyberspace.
Global, intricate plot, wandering from the steppes and forests are collected in the marsh areas of Rio and back to Chernobyl, modern weapons and equipment, familiar mutants, locations and drive drive drive! I read all three books - and scattered pieces of the story will come in an unexpected puzzle that will make the old look at from a new angle. Ready? Then go ahead!
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