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1800 Rub.
Instructions for use, repair and maintenance of working hydraulics system for the front
loader L-34 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola".
 Management is unique in content. Compiled by the direct perpetrator of
described in the book production
processes with photos and detailed description of work.
 Rukovodsvo compiled in a collection, and includes several issued earlier documents
and benefits.
 If necessary, you can use the manual for repair and maintenance of the system of units
drive the other wheel loaders
 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola" and Dressta.
The guidance includes:
  1. Diagnostics operating system front-end loader L-34
A practical guide for the drivers front loader L-34 allows drivers of loaders
independently determine the faulty units on the truck
 and to make a diagnosis without the help of repair manual organizatsiy.V conducted a full analysis of the
reasons ferrying oil, pergreva, power losses in the hydraulics, lower the spontaneous
Kosha and arrows.
Fault detection, search order and troubleshoot the operating system
front loader L-34 using the tutorial.
 2.Rukovodstvo for self-repair of pumps hydraulic front loader
 L-34 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola". The detailed, step by step description of the process
disassembly, assembly, diagnostics and repair of pumps:
a.Nasos P3C3120C5B26A or R 7 operating system
steering system b.Nasos P2C2110 / 1613C5B26C23A or P 37
at. The pump drive system P2C2110C8B2A or P 2
 3.Rukovodstvo for self-repair of the hydraulic cylinders on the wheel loader
L-34 "Stalowa Wola". Text description of the disassembly process, assembly, repair and diagnostics of all
hydraulic cylinder components. The directory on the cylinders for clarity and order repairs
parts. Photographs of the repair process.
The allowance can be used for repair of hydraulic cylinders of other models and manufacturers
wheel loaders, as well as for the repair of hydraulic cylinders other lifting devices.
Basic principles of repair of hydraulic cylinders are described in sufficient detail.
 4.Samostoyatelny repair control valve operating system front-end loader
 L-34 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola" and Dressta.
 5.Rekomendatsii on obsluzhivaaniyu and current repairs of the production system.
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