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Detailed guidance for self-repair, maintenance and operation of the hydro-mechanical transmission type U35615 production plant and Amkodor «Huta Stalowa Wola».
The manual contains
1. Description of the device hydromechanical transmission (GMP) such as U35615 2. Troubleshooting and remedies
3. The frequency of maintenance and the table of the materials used for lubrication
4. Photo Gallery GMP Ordering parts, studying the device and repairs
5. A description of the operating principle of GMP and all its components
6. Procedure for the running of the new GMP or after overhaul
7. Photos of working moments GMF repair
8. Instructions for self-repair of the GMF with a detailed description of the main moments of disassembly, assembly and diagnosis of OAB.
Guide was compiled from literature, catalogs, and on the basis of long personal experience repairing hydro U35615-type gear.
12.04.14 GV archive added an additional directory with device descriptions and the work of the GMF U35615. Added detailed description
assembly and disassembly process in pictures.
Weight 40.2 MB file.
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Всё соответствует описанию, что в нашей жизни редкость! Благодарю!