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The stronghold of the blue dragon, try hard to hide from the world because of the conversion of Neltharion in Deathwing's brewing division. With the death of the former leader of the pack and the magic aspect Malisgosa growing uncertainty, because the choice between the two dragons - Arigosom and Kalecgos too ambiguous. Arigos favor of maintaining separateness from the world and the future life under the dome, and Kalecgos - for the lifting of the dome and help other dragons to fight Deathwing ...

A flock was divided into two almost equal parts, and as a consequence, during the rare event - a lunar eclipse, dragons decided to get together and finally choose the new leader of the pack, and Aspect. At the same time the bronze dragon, who lives outside of time, Anachronos feels accumulation of dark magic around the Nexus. This forces threatens not only to disrupt the ceremony, but also to destroy the whole of Azeroth.

The hero who dares to find out who was behind the attempt to disrupt the ceremony, receiving in return from the ancient dragon mascot - the staff, with whom, according to legend, walked the earth first dragon. And the murder of Ragnaros this staff shall have a mighty force, and turns death into a dragon.

And the name of this Staff - Wrath of the Dragon, eternal rest Tarecgosa.

Conditions for obtaining Legendary items "Wrath of the Dragon Tarecgosa eternal rest":

- You pay for the goods on our website by selecting the appropriate method of payment;

- After payment, contact the operator and tell him your unique code, the game server, faction and the nickname of the character. For legendary subject, we need your login and password to your account. We guarantee that all your account information will be safe and sound while we deal with your order. When ordering, you need to discuss a time when your account is free, so we do not interfere with each other;

- We carry out all the necessary actions to get your character legendary object;

- As a result, you get: Wrath of the Dragon staff, eternal rest Tarecgosa. Great feat of "Wrath of the Dragon, eternal rest Tarecgosa" you only get in if you put on the staff.

Delivery time: On average, the Wrath of the Dragon, eternal rest Tarecgosa extracted for 3.5 months. Your account will be used only 2-3 hours a week.
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