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This book is intended for inquisitive minds and health. It is not recommended to read those fanatically committed to any religion, education, social clans and other public associations. The thing is that the essence of the book just opens all the negative aspects of the relationship between man egregorial with the world. The author did not discover anything new, the author talked about the fact that so deeply buried and skryvaemo numerous structures. David Icke, John Coleman, Nicholas Levashёv and many other eminent writers will not tell you this.

"We are living, there exist many, many years. For thousands of years I only rules of the same game called" this life. "And the very essence of what is happening remains unchanged. That is, in every life we \u200b\u200bhave always stood up in front of one and the same dilemma whom and how can we be? The game is essentially simple. Under certain rules you had to choose one of two ways. 1. Comprehension of the space being through the development of spiritual vision which, in turn, can develop only through the failure of the essence selfishness. 2. Use the space being by obtaining sensual pleasures, which is possible only in the case of the ego. Each of the tracks is a certain way of thinking, which makes it possible to promote and create a certain society. The first type of multi-dimensional thinking, and implies a serious work as focused thinking nature, and physical. The second type of simplified thinking, technical, dimensional. This work is only to create a technical adaptations that enable effortlessly receive sensory impressions. "
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