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The book shows the unique secrets of sales, which provide a quick and guaranteed results. This is verified by more than 600 business training, who had a business coach, Sergey Filippov practices for leading companies in Russia and abroad. Among his clients - a few dozen well-known brands.

Now these unique methods that were previously available only to professionals in private corporate trainings are disclosed in the book. The author shares the secrets that ensured the rapid growth in sales of several hundred companies.

All the sales techniques that you knew before reading this book, you can safely forget. Breakthrough in sales to new heights and a new super-profits now depends on the mastery of this material. Many practical exercises, tips, examples from the life and clear steps that will take your business to new heights.
Sergey Filippov Galievich - Business Consultant, CEO of consulting company Vertex (

Author of more than 90 business training, has experience of more than 600 training courses for the largest companies in Russia and the world. Among the clients: Coca-Cola, Sberbank, Metro International, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom gas distribution, AVIS, Baltic Leasing, Severen Telecom, Capital policy, Angstrom, Favorite Country, IQ, Pets, Echo of Moscow, New Era, Polushka, Standard Jenavi and hundreds of others.

Has the title "Top Manager of the Russian Federation" nominee "Chef of the Year".

Training Sergei always bright, catchy, easy to understand and very effective on the content ... It´s nice that they are now summarized in this publication.

SY Toropova (about training for JSC "Gazprom gas distribution").

Training Sergei Filippov brought tangible in terms of increased sales, use and even a highly sophisticated service like ours. Positive energy and maximum usability - is the slogan of the company Vertex. I am very glad that it is now part of the techniques and knowledge can be gleaned from his book.

Matyzhev Gregory, CEO of Metro-Petersburg, winner of the National Award 2012 Media Manager.

Our Company gratefully acknowledges as organizational talents of Sergei and his competence and professionalism as a trainer, work on the result. His book - a unique opportunity to get acquainted with its effective techniques.

Sergei Kiselev, General Director, Managing Partner.

Advertising agency IQ

"Sergei Filippov - charismatic professional, intelligent, bright coach.

We are grateful to Sergey and plan to continue to cooperate. Well, that is, the secrets of his techniques in this book.

Natalia Booth, Director of Knowledge Management and Communication "

CJSC "Confectionery Association" Favorite Country "

"I would like to underline our company conducted training" Active sales ", passing it, we got more than expected. For us it was the most efficient investment.

The book, with its techniques - a gift for any professional sales manager. "

Enver charms

Managing HA Espresso Italiano RU

"Training Sergei Filippov - is not just a number of effective techniques, it´s like magic, I want to again and again to visit them. Remember how in the movie "Limitless," when a person eating one tablet finds a sverhvozmozhnosti and here as if expand the framework of consciousness, I want to learn new things, to set and achieve new goals, and most importantly - live! That there is now a book - just great! "

Elena Grishkina Deputy

gene. Director of "DEKST" Customs Broker
24.04.2014 10:30:55

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