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Greek melody arranged for guitar solo. It is necessary to possess the technique of the game in the style of Chet Atkins ("boom-chik" in the Russian version). There are stretch marks, however, they can be circumvented by replacing the bass note or the accompanying note.
Arrangement sounds interesting, I myself keep the play in my repertoire. See also other Greek tunes from my transcriptions: "Sirtaki", "Obelix".
Thank you for your purchase! Files pdf, notes + tablature below. There may be a watermark and protection against changing the file. If there are any problems with the file (errors, the download link did not come, etc.) - contact me (mail, Skype), I will help 100%
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We kindly request: do not lay out the arrangements you have acquired (or typed in another musical editor) for free access. Please, when making a public performance, or transferring it to another electronic format - indicate the author of the transcription. Thanks again for the financial support, pleasant analysis, good game!
02.05.2015 11:29:48
Все отлично. Оплата прошла быстро, загрузка тоже. Распаковалось без потерь. Спасибо всем:)