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950 Rub.
After payment you receive a map image with a 25-digit World of Warcraft code for 60 days RUS (Russian version)

- Time Card (prepaid card / timecard) The payment card gives you the option to pay / renew the subscription of the WOW RUS Warcraft for 60 days of play (if there is a FULL [NOT TRIAL] World of Warcraft account. EN RUSSIAN version CD key / CD KEY time card )
- The card is not suitable for the American version, only for the European version, but your account must be registered with Russia or one of the CIS countries (not suitable for activation in the Baltic States), and you must log in with IP belonging to this region.
- Timescards (prepaid cards) World of Warcraft EN РУССКАЯ версия are only for 60 days, other denominations (30, 90 and other days are not issued)

Publisher: Blizzard
Region: Russia and CIS



Activation instructions:

1. Go to your WOW entry
2. Click "Attach game key"
3. Enter the 25-digit card code
4. Use the code
After successful activation, please leave positive feedback!
01.06.2018 22:21:35
Всё отлично, спасибо!
06.04.2017 17:45:56
все отл.
02.04.2017 16:38:59
Быстро. Надежно. Качественно. Рекомендую.
02.04.2017 15:50:26
Спасибо! Оплатил и сразу же активировал тайм-карту. Все прошло быстро и без заминки.
01.04.2017 3:26:14
Всё прекрасно активировалось, советую продавца. Большое спасибо! :)
30.03.2017 14:27:38
Все ок!

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