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Title: Fotoatele.mdb

The courseware database "Photo studio" was created in access 2010 and converted to access 2003, so it will open in access 2003, 2007, 2010.

Photo studio
Task: The photo shop manages the population, providing services in artistic photography and photographing documents. Payment for works is made in accordance with the price list, which indicates the price for each type of work performed. Usually, the photo studio executes orders within 24 hours. If necessary, the lead time for an order can be reduced; in this case the order is paid at the urgent rate, which is 20% higher than usual.
During the production process in the shop, you have to keep track of:
• orders for the current day (whether the order is ready and the client has already taken it);
• Orders for execution (which orders and in what order should be processed);
• ready orders (upon the arrival of the client in this list, a search for his order is made).
In addition, the management of the enterprise is interested in the results of the work of the photo shop for a given period of time - the number of customers served (orders), the number of jobs performed (printed photographs), the total revenue. In order to increase the efficiency of the staff of the photo shop and reduce the probability of mistakes in the processing of the invoice in the information system, it is necessary to implement the following functions:
• calculation and preparation for printing of an invoice, according to which the client will make payment;
• the ability to select the types of work from the price list when placing an order;
• drawing up a list of orders for the current day;
• drawing up the list of orders to be executed in the appropriate order (i.e., in accordance with the deadline);
• compiling a list of ready-to-issue orders;
• Counting and preparing for printing a report on the results of the work of a photo studio for a specified period of time.
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