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The code for the sample database "Pharmacy 2003" in MS Access.

Download the report on the database screen forms for free http:

Title: Pharmacy 2003.mdb

Link: http:

Task for the "Pharmacy" database:
The database must contain information about the following objects:
Employees - surname, name, patronymic, address, date of birth, position, salary, information on the transfer (position, reason for transfer, number and date of order).
Assortment of medicines - the name of the medicine, the form of packaging, the price per packing, the quantity.
Output documents
- Summary of the availability of drugs at the end of the day.
Business rules
- Each medicine has a list of substitutes that can be recommended to customers in the absence of a basic medicine.
- Each medicine can be a substitute for many medications.
- Each medicine can be produced in different packages.
- The price of the medicine is determined by packaging.
Number of performers - 1.

The finished database "Pharmacy" contains tables: "Pharmacy", "Employees", "Positions", "Information on the movement", "Sales", "What´s on sale", "Producers", "Drug groups", "Pharmacist´s Guide" "Packaging", "Prices", "Availability".
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