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Question 1: What are the features of the culture and religion of ancient Slavs?

Question 2. What was the social organization of the teams in the 10 - 12 centuries?

Question 3. What is the role played Russian-Polovtsian communication in the foreign policy of the Russian land in 12 - 13 centuries.?

Question 4. How was the fight against the aggression of the Crusaders?

Question 5. How to create a class organization of society under Ivan the Terrible?

Question 6. What did the Russian market in the 17th century.?

Question 7: What are the features of reform efforts of Catherine the Great?

Question 8. What is the peasant reform was in 1861?

Question 9. What features of formation of the Russian multi-party system in the early 20th century?

Question 10. What are the main directions of foreign policy of the Soviet state in the 20-s years.

Question 11. How did the collectivization of agriculture? (Incorrectly)

Question 12. What are the causes of the "Caribbean" of the crisis.

Question 13. What is the difference between the 1977 Constitution of the 1936 Constitution?

Question 14. Was there a national question in the USSR in the 80s?

Question 15. How were the presidential elections of 1996?

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