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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 1%
$25 the discount is 2%
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When purchasing this product, you get a code for XBox Live Gold Card for 1 month.

You are purchasing the activation code for XBOX Live Gold for 1 month (all regions - EU / US / RU).

Suitable for all regions which are officially supported by the service Xbox Live -

***** ***** Instant delivery

Immediately after payment you will receive the key to the screen. It can also be viewed on the site

*** SALE *** Loyal Customers

By buying our goods to, you get discounts starting with the second purchase.

*** About commodity ***

Gold level subscription offers all services possible level of Silver, plus:

• Multipleeyr mode for most games.

• Video chat directly in the game (with the equipment).

• Ability to communicate with more than one companion at a time.

• Unique system for creating and carrying out of competitions (TrueSkill matchmaking).

• Free game content, and much more.

*** How to activate ***

• Go to the site

• Click on the link "Sign In" in the upper right corner

• Sign your account

• In the menu, select Redeem Code, and enter the code

You can leave a bookmark on this page, to return in the future to buy.

\u003cdelivery\u003e This key is available only in digital format. Physical delivery is not carried out. \u003c/delivery\u003e
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Every customer who has purchased this product and leave your positive feedback, the game gets to Steam.

Key will need to be activated in the "Steam".

For a gift you must:

1) Buy our game

2) to leave positive feedback with a comment "I want to present"

3) Contact us by email (Email Set in contacts) or via chat.

Subscribe present case within 24-48 hours after writing a comment.

Caution Leaving a review You warrant that you have read, understood and accepted all the conditions for receiving the gift.

If you have any questions - contact us.

Please leave a comment about making a purchase - we will be very grateful to you.
09.10.2018 13:59:52
Latvija, vis ok,
30.04.2018 22:30:04
21.02.2018 7:36:13
Всё мгновенно!
27.09.2017 23:50:04
Хорошый продавец.Быстро отвечает решает всё проблемы сразу... Very Good Seller
21.09.2017 13:15:16
Все гуд! )
13.09.2017 15:40:11
Все все все отлично, были маленькие проблемы с активации кода но это я сам затупил! А так отличный магазин отличный отзывчивый продавец ! СОВЕТУЮ!
26.08.2017 13:44:18
Несмотря на первоначальную проблему с активацией кода (он был действующим но не активировался) общение по чату через гугл-переводчик со службой поддержки х-бокс решил вопрос - месяц Голд-статуса в наличии!
04.08.2017 20:04:42
09.06.2017 13:32:43
Код активировал,спасибо.
26.05.2017 19:59:44
Всё отлично!

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