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Collection of tasks

You have learned the discipline "History of Russia".

You need to be noted on the card answers the correct answers by writing the desired numbers (see. Note the card answers). Use caution when performing tasks.

Task 1

Question 1. Protecting the Muse of history called:


2. Terpsichore

3. Thalia

Question 2. How many major groups of historical sources emit?

1. Three

2. Five

3. Seven

Question 3. What is called historical fact?

1. The actual events of the past

2. the events described in the myths and legends

3. All of the above

Question 4. Historiography deals:

1. The history of historical science

2. The formation and development of the historical science in time

3. All of the above

Question 5: When did Russian chronicles?

1. In the early 10th century.

2. at the end 10.

3. in the middle of the 11th century.

Task 2

Question 1. Who is the author of "The Tale of Bygone Years"?

1. Kirill

2. Methodius

3. Nestor

Question 2. Until what time existed in Russian chronicles?

1 to 15 in.

2. Up to the late 17th - early 18th centuries.

3. before the 19th.

Question 3. To Peter I ordered to make the geographical description of Russia?

1. V. Tatishchev

2. M. Lomonosov

3. Nikolai Karamzin

Question 4: "History of the Russian State" Karamzin consists of:

1. 5 volumes

2. 10 volumes

3. 12 volumes

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