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The documentary story of Moldavian literature classics covers the activities of the Ruler of the XVI century, a talented statesman, military leader who was able to inflict a series of crushing blows of the Turkish army during the heyday of the Ottoman Porte. The book outlined and images the Zaporozhye Cossacks, shoulder to shoulder with Moldavians who fought against the Turkish oppressors. Translation from Moldovan N. Romanenko.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... In this way he reached the following results of paramount importance: the population of Moldova, free from devastation and suffering caused by the war, was an inexhaustible source of money and manpower; the enemy being attacked in his own home, he took a risk for themselves, rather than to suggest it to others, exaggerating in his imagination power of the enemy, lost his composure; being in an enemy country, soldiers Jona-governor, served in the most without pay, were free to engage in robbery ... "Download: Bogdan Hasdeu Petriceicu Ion Voivod Fierce.
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